Stuff I Learned the Hard Way – Thanksgiving Ain’t For Everybody

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Growing up on the reservation, my family never celebrated Thanksgiving. When I was nine years old, I moved in with my father and transferred to a new school. That year, my teacher decided to cast me in the Thanksgiving Day play as “Indian Squaw #1” and invited my entire family to witness my acting debut.

Bad idea.

Everything was going fine until one of my uncles—who had fortified himself with copious amounts of whiskey—decided to give my fourth grade class a history lesson.  

In between bad acting and even worse singing, my uncle lectured the rest of the audience on broken treaties, smallpox, massacres, and other examples of European perfidy. When I stepped forward to present the plaster turkey to “Male Pilgrim #1,” my uncle jumped to his feet and shouted, “Don’t do it! They’re going to screw us!”

I was so startled by the outburst that I dropped the turkey. It hit the floor and shattered, effectively ending the play and my short-lived acting career.

Still, this is my favorite time of year, when people express gratitude for what they have while lending their thoughts and prayers to those less fortunate.

Who am I kidding? I’m just in it for the food.

Happy Thanksgiving!


This is Why I Shouldn’t Take Breaks

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Recently, I decided to take a break from writing and recharge my batteries. While that might work for some, when it comes to someone as lazy as I am, inactivity inevitably leads to stagnation. The result being that I’ve written precious little in the last four or five weeks. And I’m not just talking about my novel. Blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, hell even my grocery list, all have fallen by the wayside while I languished in the doldrums feeling sorry for myself.

This morning, I decided enough was enough. No more self-pity parties. I got out of bed, sat down and made a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish today.

This is what I came up with:

Yes, I know it needs work, but it’s a process, right?

*Sigh* Don’t judge me.